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Loan Against Securities

Loan Against Securities

A lifetime is spent in building a product portfolio of financial investments so that you may reap the benefits of their returns later. So, when faced with an unexpected liquidity requirement, why should you dilute your investments? The Loan against Securities product is offered through our group company, Vision Financial Services.

Tide over liquidity requirements by availing instant loans at low-interest rates, against the portfolio without the need to actually sell them. Loans are offered for a portfolio of investments including shares, mutual funds, and bonds.

Count on us to be a benefactor in times of needs, as our group’s loan products can be used to cater to legal and legitimate borrowing requirements, business purpose, short term working capital requirements, or meeting family obligations like marriage, higher education of self or children, medical expenses, etc.

Loans are granted as high as  50 crores and for an extended tenure of 12 months against the pledged securities from the approved list as prescribed by Vision Financial. During the tenure of the loan, the client continues to enjoy all the corporate benefits accrued on the securities.

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